New custom sandstone coasters at Zazzle/Digiscrapthat!

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These sandstone coasters are not only beautiful, but they are functional as well! Purchase a variety of designs to make a set or create your set using all of the same design. These make wonderful gifts too! Tie a set with pretty ribbon and put in a basket with pretty wine glasses for a beautiful gift! Or splurge on yourself and decorate your house with them. Made to keep your tables scratch-free, our custom sandstone coasters have a cork backing, so you can use them on any surface.

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New kit – It’s a “Bee-Haven”!

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My new kit, Bee-Haven is a fun, colorful, whimsical kit with lots of flowers, a garden angel, bee hives and bumble bees.    Here’s a preview of it and it’s now available in my shop at Deco-pages! 


Here’s a few layouts I did with the kit too. Please note the stitches in the 2nd layout are not part of the kit.  Those were created by Redju Designs and Pri Rocha Designs.



Daddy Daughter Dance was tonight!

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Just had to share this layout of my beautiful girls and their Daddy. They were on their way to the annual Daddy Daughter Dance at school.  Aren’t they beautiful??


A Birthday Getaway!

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How is it possible that my sweet baby girl, Kimmee who was just 4 mos old when she was first placed in my arms, has now turned NINE years old!   She’s always been beautiful, but this year especially, she seems to have just blossomed.   The girls decided they wanted to go away to a hotel for their birthday, rather than having a party with their friends. We were able to get a 3rd night for just a penny, so we went away for 3 days!  The weather was raining on 2  of the 3 days, so we spent lots of time swimming in the pool, soaking in the jacuzzi and playing in the game room.  Oh, and eating!   We took them shopping on Friday and they each picked out a special dress that had a matching dress for their dolls (although they went on their lambies instead) and they got all dolled up for dinner.  They were so excited when the restaurant sang happy birthday to them and brought out a cake for them.


I used my Garden Romance kit for this layout, and you can find it HERE

Ahhhh. Kids say the darndest things..

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My son Tyler is 6 yrs old and went into First grade this year.  This morning, on only the 6th day of school he says to me “School’s booooooooooooooooooring. I quit!”   Ha ha!  I thought I’d die laughing.  If he only knew how many more years he’s going to be in school!

Oh, I’ve been away for so long!!!!

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Life sure does have a way of keeping us busier than we ever dreamed possible, doesn’t it?  I’ve been so neglectful of all of you!  Summer came, yet it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. Or so it seemed…   How on earth did I survive with 3 wild, rambunctious kids indoors, whining “I’m boooooooooooooored”.  Please tell me why we bother to buy them toys for birthdays and Christmas?  Why is it that Tyler has three thousand, two hundred and twenty eight Matchbox cars but doesn’t feel like playing with them?  Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration…  But why do the girls have a huge BOX full of Barbie dolls, yet they’re stuffed under the  coffee table?  There’s princesses, rock stars, Ariel, Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast, Tinkerbell, Ken and so many more.  Every once in awhile it looks like the box has moved… The dolls must be dancing together in the wee hours of the morning…    So to ward of insanity on those rainy days, we did crafts; paper flowers,  crocheting, macrame (does anyone still do macrame???), sewing, painting and lots of drawing. 

We did escape to Maine for 4 days  in July and it only rained on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days…  Lots of shopping!  Layouts of the kids are below.

My brother came up from North Carolina to visit in August for 10 days though and we had great weather. We went to Maine again for 5 days (best kind of vacation…. stayed at my FIL’s so we could spend all our money on food, shopping, amusement parks, and fun stuff rather than hotels!)  Went to Yorks Wild Animal Kingdom and saw all kinds of neat animals, went on paddle boats in a pond filled with ducks and then spent hours at the amusement park section going on rides. Well, I watched and took pictures.  I’m not much for rides anymore. At least my stomach isn’t.   I have a million and a half photos to scrap, so you’ll be seeing some of them.  It was wonderful to spend time with my brother, reminiscing about our childhoods. It’s funny how I remember some stories, yet have no recollection of others and the same with my brother. 

We do have new neighbors who have 3 kids that my 3 get along famously with.  And best of all???? They have a beautiful pool!  Yipppeeee!  Hot days were spent in the pool and Mommy was happy because she didn’t hear “I’m boooored”….  But the days in between, when it was raining or unseasonably cold were rough. “I want to go swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiming!!!!”  Sorry kiddos. You weren’t invited and it’s too cold.  “But I won’t be cold, I promise!”  Another big sigh…….

Getting ready to go back to school is always such a wonderfully fun, happy experience, filled with joy and laughter.  NOT!  Trying on all the old school clothes to see if they still fit and trying to convince the girls that their favorite dress doesn’t fit anymore. “Honey, you can’t wear that anymore”  “NOOOOO! It’s my favorite dress!” “But it’s too small. We can give it away to some poor little girl who has never had a beautiful dress before” (Okay, sometimes you have to pray on their sympathies)  “NOOOO! I can still get it on!” “Yes you can sweetie, but the fact that the bottom of your undies are peaking out from underneath the back of the dress concerns me…” sigh….    “Girls, this one has to go in the Goodwill bag” “Noooo! We love that dress!”  “Yes, but it has a big stain here on the front”  “Well, I’ll hold my hands over it and no one will see it!”  Oh Lord, what do the teenage years have in store for me in just 4 or 5 years….   Thank God Tyler still doesn’t argue with me (much) about what he is going to wear to school….  Till winter comes and he has to wear long sleeve shirts again and his sensory issues kick into high gear.

Okay, so now you must understand just how AMAZINGLY happy and relieved I was when it was time to go back to school…  But that day was bittersweet.  I can’t believe my little girls are now 3rd graders. Their classrooms are “upstairs” with the big kids, which they’re very proud of.  And my baby boy.. My beautiful, cuddly, snuggly, loveable Tyler.  He was just 16 mos old when he came home from Korea, and although it seems like only a year ago, he is now a big First Grader….  Where has the time gone???

Well, if you are still reading this, I thank you.  Short and sweet has never been my forte!

Vacation layouts!

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We went up to Maine for 4 days and stayed at my FIL’s in Biddeford.  The first day we were able to spend about 3 hrs at the beach and then it rained for the next 3 days! UGH!  We still had a great time,  but the kids were NOT happy they couldn’t go back to the beach!  Especially Tyler, since I’d made him put all the snails and crabs he found back into the sea, with the PROMISE that he could come back the next day to find them again! (I know…. it was just a little white lie… Heck, how would he know if they were the same ones or different ones???)  Anyway, here’s a couple of layouts from the beach.


I just love this big picture of Kaylee. It reminds me of Bo Derrick in the movie “10″!    Background and sand are from a photo I took of the water. Shells are from my Down at the Beach kit.  Ribbon-Sylvie (  Heart – Tinette Designs  Branch – Itaci’s Scrap Studio


 Background and sand are from a photo I took of the water. Shells are from my Down at the Beach kit.   Flowers – Design by Fraisinette   Beads – my Magic Rainbow kit

And last but not least, here’s Tyler at the ocean.  I used my Down at the Beach kit for the layout.



Our 13th wedding anniversary!

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Time flies when you are having fun!  We just celebrated 13 years of marriage and were finally able to go out to dinner ALONE!!!  NO KIDS!!!  Our oldest son stayed home with the little ones so we could escape.  No kids! No whining! No fooling around! No spilled drinks! No climbing on the booths! No “I gotta go po-o-o-o-o-otttty”!!!  Wooohooo!  FREEDOM!  We promised each other there would be no talking about children.  Yeah, right!  We went to Longhorn Steakhouse (YUMMY!), determined to have normal adult conversation….  Well, we talked about school being out and how we didn’t have to get the ____ up early for the bus.  We talked about not having to run around to karate, Girl Scouts, after school activities, etc. with the ____.  We talked about not having the monthly bill for extended day kindergarten anymore for one of the ____.  And when we realized we weren’t doing so good at not talking about the ____, we made a pact to REALLY not talk about the kids.

And then we sat and stared at each other.. made small talk about the decor… commented on the meal… and then there was silence…. And then we talked about the KIDS!  sigh…. Just what DID we talk about before we had kids????

Here’s a layout of us before we went out on our hot date for our anniversary.

13th Wedding Anniversary

Kit is Elegant Grunge available HERE

News! Virus kills all chance of a fun school vacation!

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Ahhhh school vacation week.  Going to go to Maine, stay for free at my FIL’s, go for walks on the beach, clam digging, cook lobsters…. NOT!  Kimmee’s had a temp of 102-104.8 since last Thursday, along with a cold.  No pneumonia, no ear infection, no sinus infection, no strep throat. Just your regular, run of the mill, let it run its’ course, virus…  GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  I thought she was getting better but then the fever spiked up to 104.8 again last night.  Before Tyler went to bed he casually mentioned that he felt hot…. Yup, 102.2 degrees. . . A-A-A-G-G-G-H-H-H!   Now I have TWO sickies!!!   This morning,  Kaylee woke up all stuffed up and coughing!  N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!  (who IS that person running madly through the streets, searching for a padded room???) 


New layout – 3 Generations of Love

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My son, Chris and my new Grandson, Dillon. And of course me! I used my contribution to the 2009 Deco-pages Welcome Kit, available HERE.  Overlay, lace, greenery and shoelace tie by Kim Broedelet.  Fonts are Artistamp, Shinji Blues, Brockscript and Lauren Script.