Summer is finally here and it’s brought all kinds of treasures!

Author: Digiscrapthat  //  Category: Gifts, clothing and more!

You know, I’ve had a number of different stores the last few years and I spend most of my time creating new products for my shop. Seems like Zazzle is coming out with great new products every month!  It’s hard to keep up!  I decided to spend some time just browsing around to see if there was anything I liked in other shops.  WOW!!!  There are so many awesome designs, artwork and photography! Here’s one of my favorite messenger bags. I love the vintage roses print!

There are so many other great designs too.  You just have to come check them out!  I’ve just started working on some for my shop and they’re really fun to design.  So be sure to stop by my shop on a regular basis!


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