Want to learn how to use a Wacom tablet?

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I don’t know about you, but I purchased a Wacom tablet about a year ago and have not used it anywhere near as much as I planned, simply because of the learning curve. I’m someone who needs to watch someone use one, or watch a video of it to learn how to use a new gadget.  Well, Linda Sattgast from ScrappersGuide.com  has joined together with Wacom to give a FREE webinar about using one for digital scrapbooking!!!   The webinar is on Monday, November 23rd at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (2:00 p.m. Eastern). Go here to sign up for the Wacom webinar or to learn what a webinar is:


Our 13th wedding anniversary!

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Time flies when you are having fun!  We just celebrated 13 years of marriage and were finally able to go out to dinner ALONE!!!  NO KIDS!!!  Our oldest son stayed home with the little ones so we could escape.  No kids! No whining! No fooling around! No spilled drinks! No climbing on the booths! No “I gotta go po-o-o-o-o-otttty”!!!  Wooohooo!  FREEDOM!  We promised each other there would be no talking about children.  Yeah, right!  We went to Longhorn Steakhouse (YUMMY!), determined to have normal adult conversation….  Well, we talked about school being out and how we didn’t have to get the ____ up early for the bus.  We talked about not having to run around to karate, Girl Scouts, after school activities, etc. with the ____.  We talked about not having the monthly bill for extended day kindergarten anymore for one of the ____.  And when we realized we weren’t doing so good at not talking about the ____, we made a pact to REALLY not talk about the kids.

And then we sat and stared at each other.. made small talk about the decor… commented on the meal… and then there was silence…. And then we talked about the KIDS!  sigh…. Just what DID we talk about before we had kids????

Here’s a layout of us before we went out on our hot date for our anniversary.

13th Wedding Anniversary

Kit is Elegant Grunge available HERE

Kimmee and her Easter eggs LO ~ and a Freebie too!

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This is my oldest daughter, Kimmee with a few of the Easter eggs she painted.  She was so proud of them!!  The bunny is holding her favorite one….


I used my Easter Delight kit which is available HERE in my shop at Deco-pages! Special thanks to Primsy Doodle Designs for her precious clip art! 







You can have them both by clicking HERE to download!



New layout… Like flowers…..

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Here’s another layout using my new Magic Rainbow kit. I’m just so happy with the way that kit came out that I can’t stop doing layouts with it! Hope you like it too!


Baby Shower!

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Katie’s Mom (Grammy Kathie) and I planned a wonderful baby shower for Katie and Chris which was held on the 24th.  We had so much fun!  Baby Dillon’s room is done in an under the sea theme that is just adorable!  I created an entire scrapbook about Katie’s pregnancy, complete with ultrasound pictures, that I gave to them at the shower. I used the Club Deco, August 2008 kit,  “On the Boardwalk” for all of the layouts with lots of fish, coral, shells, and other sea creatures, and also some of the wonderful clip art from PrimsyDoodleDesigns.   The octopus, crab, turtle and turquoise and purple fish I scanned from their crib quilt set. I also created the invitations for the shower using the same kit and it came out so cute!  Here’s the front page of it. The inside said “We’re going to Chris and Katie’s baby shower and we hope you’ll come too!” Then it had all the info about the shower.  I also created a cake design that I had put on the cake with the edible frosting. invite-first-page-copy cake-design


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I have some VERY exciting news ! You know those times when you suddenly remember a photo you took long ago and you wonder….. Did I scrap that? Well, very soon I will be launching my new website, Digiscrapthat.com! I’ll still be selling my kits over at Deco-pages.com, but the new site will also have some different kits, some old favorites and also news about exciting new designs and products over at my Cafepress shop!

So keep your eyes and ears open for the Grand Opening!!!

Lil Princess – New in my Deco-pages store

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This is my new kit, Lil Princess and a layout of our Lil Princess, Brandy playing dress up. The kit is now available in my Deco-pages store.

I’m officially a blogger!

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I’m officially a blogger! Well, I guess it’s time for me to enter the world of blogging! I’ve seen some pretty amazing blogs out there with really witty and funny posts. I can only hope I’ll be at least interesting enough for you to come back and visit my blog and check out my newest digital scrapbook designs.

I started digital scrapbooking about 2 1/2 yrs ago as I wanted to create lifebooks for my children. We have 3 children who we adopted from S. Korea and I feel it’s really important for me to create a lifebook for them that explains how they came to be part of our family and just how much they are loved and how grateful we are that God has blessed us with them. I’d only been scrapping about 8 or 9 months when I happened upon Deco-pages.com. I entered a contest using one of Deb Ammerman’s kits for a layout and was shocked to be notified that I had won! It was such a warm and friendly site and all of the designers were so helpful that I just knew I had found my scrapbooking home. Within a few months Deb Ammerman (the owner of the site) was encouraging me to try my hand at designing. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop! Now it’s like an addiction! I suppose it’s a lot healthier addiction to have than smoking or drinking, but it’s still a true addiction! Every funny thing my kids say, every sweet gesture or face they make, I immediately begin to plan out a layout in my head! I swear some days my poor digital camera is going to catch on fire because I’ve taken so many photos!

Well, I hope you will bookmark my blog and continue to check back here. I plan to preview all of my newest digital scrapbooking kits here, some layouts, and I’ll definitely be posting some freebies for you from time to time! I also have a shop at Cafepress with lots of great designs on t-shirts, tote bags, keepsake boxes, clocks, and lots of other gifts, so I’ll be keeping you posted on any new designs from there too. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around lots!